WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” Release

Today marks the latest release of WordPress with version 4.6 codenamed Pepper. This release doesn’t add a lot of new features to WordPress and instead focuses on making the application, workflows and interface faster.

There are small number of improvements in the page editor. If you add a link WordPress will now detect and alert you if that link is broken or doesn’t work. And your work on pages is now saved in real-time to your computer so if you lose internet connectivity while writing your next masterpiece there is nothing to worry about as WordPress will sync the changes from your computer the next time you are connected.

The update also fixes a number of bugs and security holes in the platform. You can find out more in the video below.

The release includes code from 272 contributors and a full list of them can be found on the WordPress.org site.

We are working on ensuring compatibility and updating all our website management customers websites today so sit tight and you will see the changes shortly. If you are not on a website management plan and which to know more please contact us.