Twitter opens up audience insights to Brands

This week, Twitter-owned data platform Gnip officially opened up its Audience API, allowing brands to utilise demographic and interest data about groups of Twitter accounts. The change will also make it easier for brands using the tool to find out about people have accessed their tweets or website.

The data available to brands will be anonymised and aggregated based on a defined group of at least 75 Twitter accounts. So it’s not like a brand will be able to use the tool to find out that Bob Brown is a male who lives in Hull, likes golfing and watches Top Gear (on Dave). Instead Twitter will say that some percentage of the defined audience group is male, another percentage lives in Hull, another percentage likes golf and another percentage watches Top Gear.

These stats have been available to brands sponsoring tweets for sometime, and is a welcome change for those wanting to gain further insight into any tweet in the last 90 days, paid or not.