“That’s not what I ordered”

One of the core reasons that Pink Mac was born, was our collective recognition that the integration of marketing and the web is key to the successful growth and communication of any business.

These days, anyone can have a website, and access to low cost, do it your self-websites is easier than ever. However, in the long term, this approach can be risky, expensive and lacking in the valuable bigger picture.

What do we mean by this?

One of the most common areas of work we come across and advice we give to our clients is regarding building their brand through consistency in all aspects of marketing and communications.  In smaller or start-up businesses, there is often the tendency to attack marketing in-house which in the early days is perfectly adequate, but as the business grows, this becomes a real challenge. And in other cases, our clients have grown quickly, and not had chance to think about a strategy that helps them communicate consistently to their clients and staff. In either case, there’s a need for a review or refreshed focus on where their business is heading.

Is tackling it worth the effort?

In simple terms, integration of message prevents you from confusing your customers. Consistency drives brand recognition, which in turn generates familiarity and loyalty from your customers. This boils down to the fact that humans are hugely emotional creatures and familiarity provides comfort and recognition. Some of the most recognisable brands in the world ensure complete consistency across all platforms and that consistency takes place through language, colour and imagery. Here is a quick test:



I am sure you can identify both brands quickly and easily.

Consistency is becoming a worrying area for major brands with the increasing popularity of social media as a means to communicate with customers. How many times recently have you seen a complaint on Facebook or Twitter and been rattled by how that brand handles the complaint versus how you feel in comparison to the messages they convey as a brand. Confusing stuff right?

How do you build that familiarity?

The ultimate key to consistency is integration. Sounds complicated right?

The answer can lie in a simple plan which can help your organisation to set out its overall strategy, and build its message in such a way that it can be implemented from medium to medium and delivered to staff, customers and potential customers.

We always advise to start with a review of an existing website, and follow our simple checklist for whether it is up to scratch or delivering value to your business. If its not, it’s a great place to start building a plan.

We believe your website should sit at the heart of all communications about your business and all other activity should be designed to drive traffic towards it to ensure a clear, helpful and consistent experience to your visitors.


By ensuring that your website stays central, all other messages you impart as a business will naturally begin to sing from the same hymn sheet.


Integration isn’t for the faint hearted and takes time. It requires focus and perseverance. It can be a real challenge to integrate your brand into company wide processes, materials, and messages that may have been implemented or lead by different people.


Are you ready to take this step? We can and are helping many businesses of all sizes to bring it all together. Contact us for a free one-hour consultation.