Mixing up the perfect Website

Did you know that your website is probably your most valuable marketing tool? In today’s climate, people simply expect to be able to find the most up to date information on your products or services by finding you online.

At Pink Mac, we like to educate our clients on how having, and maintaining a great site can be the difference between that new customer or supplier and ultimately cash for your business.

So how does it work?

Think of your website as a giant mixing bowl, if you just add the butter and nothing else, you’re not going to make a fantastic cake! Start to add crucial ingredients like eggs and sugar, and something magical starts to happen !! It’s all about the right combination.

We like to think of it as basic mathematics, what you add in, will result in a greater end product!

To help our clients get the very best from their sites, we’re introducing a new ‘Website Management’ service designed to save you time, money and get your site performing on Google. And what’s best, we offer small flexible monthly packages to suit any budget.

What’s the catch?

Well there isn’t one! Simply create the package that is best suited to your website and we’ll do the rest. No scary contract timescales or hidden extras, just a straightforward and effective service.

The benefits

  • The peace of mind that your site will be taken care of with zero downtime
  • Activity will be carried out to recommended professional levels using our combined 60 years experience, ensuring optimum performance of your site
  • Your site will always be up to date and rated higher on Google

The packages:

Our most popular plans are as follows, but we can tailor any package to suit your own individual needs:

Package 1

  • 6 on-page keywords optimised for GoogleRYL
  • 1 blog post with imagery
  • 5 hours of website development or updates per month
  • Free hosting worth £150 a year

£100.00 a month

Package 2

  • 6 on-page keywords optimised for Google
  • 2 blog posts with imagery
  • 7 hours of website development or updates per month
  • Free hosting worth £150 a year

 £180.00 a month

Optional extras:

  • Mail chimp account integration – From £50
  • E-mail design and content drafting – From £35 an email
  • Pay per click advertising – From £150 a month plus set-up fee
  • Social media management – From £50 per account per week
  • Want to beat the competition on Google? On page SEO alone will not rank highly against competitive keywords. If you want to hit the top spot, speak to us about our dedicated off-page SEO packages from £150 a month plus set-up
  • WordPress and social media training from £99 per person, based from Hull’s technology hub and our home C4Di

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