Microsoft buys LinkedIn

In a surprise move yesterday, Microsoft announced it is to buy professional networking site LinkedIn for $26 billion dollars. So what will this mean for Social Marketing on the platform?

Well it is too early to say, nothing will change until the end of this year when the sale is completed but Microsoft has already said it will be integrating the business networking platform into its productivity suite. This may mean that Outlook will see some very heavy integration while other Office applications are likely to remain untouched.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner sit down and explain some of the plans for the future in the video below.

Microsoft commented that they are not expecting many changes any time soon. Integrating large companies takes time and only after will we they see the results of integrating products. What they are expecting to see in the Office 2019 release will be LinkedIn services minus LinkedIn adverts.

They expect the adverts to remain exclusive to the LinkedIn websites however the advertising platform will likely move over to Microsoft’s AdExchange allowing for finer control and improved metrics for adverts.