Hosting Migration

  • We are in the process of moving servers to improve our hosting service and make your website faster.

    We have been on our current servers for just over 2 years now and in that time server technology has made some huge leaps forward. To ensure you are given the best experience possible we have take the decision to completely migrate to a new dedicated platform rather then retrofit our existing servers with the new technology. This will give us the greatest flexibly and your the greatest benefits on the market today.

    While we try to minimise any down time a migration on this scale will result in a small amount. We are doing as much as possible outside of normal business hours to not have any lasting impact on your business operations.

    As part of this migration we are also implementing a new payment plans allowing you to pay monthly by credit card if you so wish. Our yearly plan is still the same and is also available for payment online via our Pink and Mix website. Look out for an email on this shortly.

    If you want to know more about this we have provided a detailed FAQ (right) and please feel free to contact if your questions are not answered here.

  • What we are doing

    We are upgrading the physical computers that run your website and email.

    Why we are doing it

    Server and hosting technology has come a long way is recent years and we have taken the decision to make the switch now in order to give you the best experience on the market

    Why now

    With the recent advances and incurable pace of growth in this sector we feel this is as good of a time than any.

    What it means for you

    Aside from a faster website and more scalability you will notice a more consistent and reliable service.

    How it will affect you

    There will be a short period of down time on your website and email. we will ensure this is outside of UK standard business hours in most cases.

    Your new email account will have any new emails received straight away with your old emails starting to return within 24 hours.

    What will change

    Almost everything. We will have a brand new architecture including mail servers, database servers, web servers and load balancers. This really is a complete overhaul and rethink of how hosting should work and scale.

    What will you need to do

    You will need to change your email settings in your mail client and on your phone. The webmail address will also be changing – we will contact you to let you know your unique settings shortly before your account is moved.

    If you own your own domain you will need to change your DNS settings – we will contact you to let you know if that is the case

    Will my passwords change

    Yes. We store all customer passwords in a non-readable format using 0ne-way encryption so there is no way for us to know your current password. This means we will be generating new passwords for all email accounts on the new platform.

    Will I lose any email

    No. We will be migrating your email to the new platform with 24 hours of your account migration starting. For some larger accounts this could take longer

    How long will migration take

    We will be moving a small group of customers at a time to ensure the smoothest process and best access to support during the migration. Because of this the migration will be done over serval months. Individual accounts will typically only take 24-48 to complete migrate each customer will be informed shortly before their account is scheduled to be moved.

    How to get support

    If you have any questions before during or after your migration you can contact

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