Digital Branding – Why you DO need to be a fashion victim

At Pink Mac, we’ve been reflecting on our first (successful) year in business and this week alone, have noticed a few aesthetic differences both in the work we have developed since last year, and what our clients are now requesting.

So we decided to have a look at the ‘fashion’ of digital branding, and the trends that businesses need to think about over the next year.

Your overall online presence

The social following of a brand is now as valuable as a website and other business assets. Your potential clients will always look to your brand online, what presence you have and how responsive and knowledgeable you are in your market. Furthermore, if your online brand doesn’t reflect your physical brand, you’ll create confusion and possibly be in trouble.

We recommend all businesses carry out an audit of all communications channels and plan what works best and where improvements can be made to ensure consistency. Do you think about your business presence in the eyes of your clients?

Get mobile savvyVillage

Mobile web and use of the devices in digital marketing is nothing new. Brands are now getting extremely smart with integrating mobile devices into how they engage with their clients and even run their business.

Village Hotels have recently started an initiative of handing over the hotel experience to their guests via an App. The app handles bookings, directions and even down to the guest checking themselves in via their mobile in advance and unlocking the door with their phone.go).

From the hotel’s perspective, this new way of managing guests will free up the reception to deal with supporting the customer experience. Time will tell on this one, but it’s emerging technology to meet customer needs while probably saving operational costs at the same time.

As ask yourself what can you do to incorporate mobile into your business model. With more and more businesses going mobile, consumers will naturally expect your brand to follow suit.

Social Shopping

Social shopping has arrived. Facebook and Twitter have built the functionality into their platforms, and any e-commerce brand needs to pay attention.

Social shopping is the combination of social media and e-commerce. It takes all of the aspects of the social web; friends, groups, voting, comments, discussions and focusing them the experience of shopping.

As consumers get continually overloaded with content every day, brands need to make it easier for customers to buy their goods. Social media solves this problem.

Platforms such as Shopify offer customers an alternative solution to the traditional e-commerce site. There are many considerations to using Shopify versus popular e-commerce platforms – that’s where we urge caution and offer our experience and expertise.

Great content

Content marketing is a phrase being bandied about but not widely understood by the general public. So what does it mean?

In simple terms, it’s about creating content that informs and entertains customers with the intent to engage and eventually convert them. Although content resonates well with people, they will question authenticity, and too.

Content marketing plantraffic-843309_1280ning is an area that needs as much attention and investment as your business plan or strategy. The highways of today’s online world are extremely crowded, and it takes professional expertise to get you driving on the road.

How do you develop great content?

Start on the inside of your business and plan outwards. Brainstorm all of the ways in which your business or brand impacts on people, and how you can effectively you’re your story in a human way. Demonstrate real life perspective and ultimately, be confident in what personality your brand and business has and the role it plays. The authenticity will shine through.

Data, data, data

Marketing Minds 1Social media analytics is offering real-time consumer insight with the ability to shift focus at a moment’s notice. The technology power here is phenomenal and has led to practices such as automation of campaigns based on how users respond. Genius!

Social media monitoring is a great way to gain even deeper consumer insight. Regardless of your business size, there are lots of tools you can utilise to help analyse your customer or potential customer behaviour. Again we can help.

If you need help to stay in fashion with marketing your business, give Pink Mac a call.